About Us

Impact Recruiting is a resource for companies needing top talent to fill key positions in accounting, from bookkeepers to senior finance executives, controllers and chief financial officers, as well as payroll, human resource specialists and administrative professionals. But we are more than a staffing agency. In fact, we’re more than a recruiting firm.

We are trusted partners and an extension of the clients we serve. We are also career coaches and counselors offering guidance to recruits making life decisions relative to their next job.

We are all of these things because that’s what it takes to match the right people with the right opportunities, and to find the best candidates who will be the perfect fit for your team.

Our Mission

Provide companies with the right human capital resources to grow and succeed, and provide professionals with the best opportunities to advance their careers.

Our Promise

To always bring value to our clients by providing the right talent at the right time to fit their needs.

Fundamental Beliefs

Service to Others – It’s never about us. It’s always about you and how we can best meet your needs.

High Standards – Good enough is never good enough. We always strive to give our best, to out-perform past accomplishments and continually seek to do better.

Dependability and Reliability – An unwavering commitment to our clients is at the core of who we are and how we run our business.

Respect and Honesty – Transparency and open communication at all times are the keys to successful relationships in business and in life.

Creativity – New ways of thinking and solving problems are cornerstones to discovery. People and processes will continually evolve and the traditional, tried and true is not always the best way, so we remain open to new possibilities.

Passion and Positivity – This is what drives us. We love what we do and the best part of what we do is having a positive impact on the lives and businesses of the people we serve.